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Located in the most famous town of Chinese tea and established in 2010,Fujian Anxi Grand Tea Co., Ltd is a new type corporate devoted to professional  manufacturing and trade of  Fujian original tea. Our mainly products are Anxi Tieguanyin tea(oolong tea),Wuyi Mountains Da Hong Pao tea (superior oolong tea),lapsang souchong (black tea) and Jinjunmei (black tea),etc.

We have a Tieguanyin tea garden  of dozens of acres on high mountains in Gande Town, Anxi. What’s more, we have another tea garden on Wuyi Mountains. 

Regarding growing stage and processing section, one side, we Perform strictly  management methods on our tea gardens to make sure that all our tea bushes are in the best growing natural environment. On the other side, all our workers are formally trained and  professionally experienced. we  believe firmly that only we control the quality of tea growing environment and processing procedures, can we make the cup of tea to our customers'  hands most fabulous!


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Company name:Fujian Anxi Grand Tea Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Mr. Wang

Tel: 86 158 800 24952

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